July 27, 2019


On our latest podcast we answer the following questions about Music: What is your favorite meat to cook on the grill for summer? If you had to pick one, what would your favorite genre of music be? What genre of music do you like, that may seem surprising to some people? What is in your walk-man right now? (Whom are you listening to currently) Which is one of the best CD's you've owned, whole thing, tracks 1-12? First thing that come to your mind just say it out loud....what is your favorite song? Who is your favorite solo singer? Who is your favorite band? Who or what kind of music do you like to drive to? Can you name a song that reminds you of a certain moment every time you hear it? What genre of music did you used to like but not anymore? What concerts have you been to? Did it make you like them more or less?



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